241. Dubrovnik Old City Walls

What are Dubrovnik City Walls?

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city on the Croatian coast, with city walls that were built in the 14-17th centuries. They were never breached, thanks to their sturdiness and to the diplomacy of the city's inhabitants.

What are Dubrovnik City Walls like?

You can walk along the walls - they're about 2km long and provide fantastic views out over the Adriatic. Some bits were very easy to navigate and others were a bit trickier due to restoration work.

Where are Dubrovnik City Walls?

Dubrovnik, Croatia

When did we go?

May 2016

How did we get there?

We stayed in a nearby resort called Mlini for a week and caught the bus into Dubrovnik several times (it took around 20 minutes).

Worth noting

In 1991 and 1992 Dubrovnik was under siege from the Serb-dominated Yuglosav People's Army. Of 824 buildings in the Old Town, 563 were hit by missiles. The walls stood firm while other edifices were destroyed. Also: Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik - it stood in for King's Landing.

Where were Dubrovnik City Walls in the 2015 Ultimate Travelist?

22. They dropped by 221 places in the 2020 edition.

Do Dubrovnik City Walls deserve their place in the 2020 Lonely Planet Top 500?

Yes - they are remarkable and I'd have put them higher up.