Franz Josef and Fox Glacier

What is it: Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier are two of the most accessible glaciers in the world. Located on the South Island in New Zealand, Franz Josef Glacier is 7.5 miles long and Fox Glacier is 8 miles long.
What's it like: According to Pete's travel companion, Lommy; "Fox/Franz was great but the view was from a helicopter and it was looking at miles of ice looking like glass formed in different shapes. It was cold on top of Mount Cook but the heat from the sun made it feel less cold."
Where: South Island, New Zealand
When: June 2005
How: It's a story. Pete and his friends Lommy and Tommo were in New Zealand for the 2005 British Lions Tour. They were touring in a camper van and one morning Pete was tasked with finding eggs and bacon for breakfast. He came back with tickets for a helicopter ride to Fox and Franz Josef glaciers. 20 minutes later they were on their way.
Worth noting: It is possible to do a walking trip but they take a long time and only take you so far. The helicopter tour takes you straight to the glaciers.
Place in the 2015 edition: 81
Does it deserve its place in the top 500: Lommy thought 81st was a bit high but it seems odd that it dropped out completely.