Old Town Square, Prague

What is it: It's a pedestrian square in the middle of Prague that contains the old Town Hall and a medieval clock that dates back to 1410 - every hour a little procession of the Apostles, Death, and other figures move around.
What's it like: It's a proper old European square with cobbles and houses that look like something from a fairy tale.
Where: Prague, Czech Republic 
When: November 2005 
How: Prague was our very first holiday - I had to go there for work and so Pete met me afterwards. It was a bit grey in November, but on the plus side that meant fewer tourists. We also saw the Charles Bridge (208) and Prague Castle (178).
Worth noting: The square appeared in the film Mission Impossible. 
Place in the 2015 edition: 44
Did it deserve to lose its place in the top 500: I'm not sure - possibly not.