343. Pike Place Market

What is Pike Place Market? 

Pike Place Market is a farmers' market in the centre of Seattle, Washington. It opened in 1907 and is today the most popular tourist attraction in Seattle, with more than 10m visitors a year. 

What's Pike Place Market like?

It's one of those rare places that has lots of tourists but lots of locals too.

Where is Pike Place Market? 

Seattle, USA

When did we go?

September 2011

How did we get there?

We started a roadtrip in Seattle, spending a couple of days in the city visiting the Space Needle and going to a ballgame to watch the Seattle Mariners. We then drove down to Denver via Yellowstone National Park (5).

Worth noting

It's home to Starbucks. The very first Starbucks opened at Pike Place Market in 1971. There was a very big queue outside, so I assume it's a place of pilgrimage for Starbucks fans.

Where was Pike Place Market in the 2015 Lonely Planet Top 500?

It was a new entry for 2020.

Does Pike Place Market deserve its place in the 2020 Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List?

I was surprised that it was added, but it makes sense - it's the heart of Seattle.

Pike Place Market