Times Square

What is it: It's an area of Manhattan that sits at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. It's one of the world's busiest pedestrian zones, with 50 million people visiting every year. There are billboards, restaurants, and all kinds of entertainment on offer. It was originally called Longacre Square until The New York Times moved its headquarters there in 1904.
What's it like: It's very, very busy, but if you only ever visited one sight in New York it would have to be Times Square.
Where: New York, USA 
When: October 2013
How: We took my sister there for her first trip to New York (it was also Pete's birthday) - she's in the picture below.
Worth noting: I didn't know this until now but in The Killing of Georgie, Rod Stewart sings about him becoming "the toast of The Great White Way". The Great White Way is a term used for the section of Broadway between 42nd and 53rd Streets that includes Times Square. Pete would have loved that factoid.
Place in the 2015 edition: 208
Did it deserve to lose its place in the 2020 top 500: I said back in 2015 that Central Park deserved a place more than Times Square. Central Park didn't get a mention this time either. It's a shame to see Times Square drop out but I can live with it.