190. Schloss Schonbrunn

What is Schloss Schönbrunn? 

Schloss Schönbrunn is a palace just outside Vienna containing 1441 rooms. It was the summer palace of the Habsburgs (or Hapsburgs in English). Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II bought the land in 1589 and work on the palace was started in the 17th century. The Habsburgs remained there until 1918.

What's Schloss Schönbrunn like?

It's stupendously big.

Where is Schloss Schönbrunn?

Vienna, Austria

When did we go?

August 2009

How did we get to Schloss Schönbrunn?

Pete was given some hotel vouchers for long service at his company, so we flew to Vienna and spent a few days seeing the city. A short train ride takes you out to Schönbrunn.

Worth noting 

They were doing demonstrations on how to make Apfel Strudel in the kitchen when we were there - it was brilliant.

Where was Schloss Schönbrunn in the 2015 edition of the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List? 

It was a new entry for 2020.

Does Schloss Schönbrunn deserve its place in the 2020 Lonely Planet top 500?

Yes - it's huge and beautiful, and Vienna is a must-visit city. 

Schloss Schonbrunn

Schloss Schonbrunn