Rhodes Old Town

What is it: Rhodes is a Greek island mainly known for its tourist/wedding destination of Lindos. Rhodes Old Town is a beautiful, historic part of the city of Rhodes itself. Surrounded by medieval walls, it offers nine gates to the city with little streets, shops, and cafes inside, as well as museums.
What's it like: Every Greek island has its archaeological site (Delos in Mykonos for example) but Rhodes Old Town is something completely different. It's a living, breathing place that offers a glimpse of centuries of history.
Where: Rhodes, Greece
When: September 2014
How: We stayed in nearby Lindos for a week - Lindos is extremely touristy but it has retained a lot of charm. We got the bus to Rhodes Town for an afternoon.
I'd actually recommend spending a day there and maybe joining a tour of some sort - there's a lot to see and we didn't cover half of it.
Worth noting: The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was built in 280 BC somewhere in Rhodes harbour (nobody is exactly sure where). It fell down only 54 years later during an earthquake. It was a mind-boggling 33 metres high. 
Place in the 2015 edition: 255
Did it deserve to lose its place in the top 500: No. It's very sad.