56. British Museum

What is the British Museum?

The British Museum was the first public national museum in the world, established in 1753. It contains 8 million items, many collected during the time of the British Empire.

What is the British Museum like?

It's beyond impressive. It's well organised and reasonably easy to find specific things (I was looking for the Sutton Hoo burial ship treasure), but just as pleasant to stroll around. The main attractions are the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Sculptures (aka the Elgin Marbles), the Lewis Chessmen and many, many more.

Where is the British Museum? 

London, England

When did we go? 

September 2019

How did we get there? 

I'd been to the British Museum several times with Pete - after we returned from our trip to Egypt (Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Luxor Temple) we went to see the Rosetta Stone. On this most recent occasion, I went up on the Tube to Russell Square and walked from there.

Worth noting 

There are talks that take place in some of the popular galleries. I joined one in room 41 where the Sutton Hoo treasures are kept and the guide kept his presentation fast, interesting, and informal (and it was free). I loved it and highly recommend them.

Where was the British Museum located on the 2015 Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List

15. It has since dropped 51 places.

Does the British Museum deserve its place in the 2020 Lonely Planet Top 500?

Yes. And if you returned the items that other countries want back, it would still be a significant draw.

British Museum

British Museum Roof

Sutton Hoo treasures