173. Vatican Museums

What are the Vatican Museums?

The Vatican Museums were founded in the early 16th century by Pope Julius II and today form one of the largest museums in the world, with 54 galleries and 70,000 objects (of which 20,000 are on display). 6 million people visited in 2017. The Sistine Chapel is the last gallery within the museums. 

What are the Vatican Museums like? 

To be very honest, I didn't know that the Vatican Museums were a thing when we went to Rome - I only knew about the Sistine Chapel, so that's all we really looked at. 

Where are the Vatican Museums?

Rome, Italy 

When did we go?

February 2007 

How did we get there?

It's very easy to get to the Vatican from the centre of Rome, where we went on a three day trip. We also saw St Peter's Basilica (185), the Pantheon (67), and the Colosseum (50). 

Worth noting: 

It's free to get into the museums on the last Sunday of each month but be prepared for the worst queues that you ever saw in your life. When I went back to Rome with my mum and sister I booked a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel rather than endure that queue again. 

Where were the Vatican Museums in the 2015 Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List? 

115. They dropped 58 places.

Do the Vatican Museums deserve their place in the Lonely Planet Top 500?

Pete loved the Sistine Chapel so I'm going to say yes but maybe not so high up.